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Micro-Fiber MOP
You've purchased the STREAK-FREE Micro-Fiber CLOTHS... and you know how wonderful they are.

Now Available:
The Amazing Micro-Fiber
MOP !!!
Dries absolutely STREAK-FREE!
Use on any hard surface!

• Cleans With Just Water

• Dries In An Instant

• No Chemicals Needed

• Ultra Light Weight

• Hand Wash Only

• Fits Any Standard Mop Handle - (Screw-on type, available at Walmart or Dollar General Store. Also fits painter's pole handle.)

If you LIKE the Cloth, You
Will LOVE The MOP !!!

This is a 100% Micro-Fiber STRING Mop, and just like the is wonderful!!!

TO USE: Wet well in a bucket of water. Wring as tight as possible. Always use clean water. DO NOT add soap, or other products!!! Mop is designed to clean with water only!!!

TO WASH: Simply toss in a bucket of water, soak overnight. Add 1/2 cap of bleach if needed. Rinse well!!

You will love this mop on hardwood and tile floors!!
Can be used on all type floors.
Dries absolutely STREAK-FREE!!!

Price: $20.00 ea.

To Re-Order or Questions: 865-426-8539


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